The Powerful Benefits of Hiring Your First Salon Employee

As a successful salon owner, I know firsthand the challenges of scaling and growing a business. If you are like me, you may be hesitant to take the leap and hire your first employee. But expanding your team can significantly benefit your business and personal life.

Here are some of the biggest perks:

Increase Revenue

With another pair of hands on deck, you can take on more clients and appointments or work on your business not in it! This added capacity means higher earning potential. Calculate what an additional 10-15 client hours per week could do for your bottom line or your mental health!

Reclaim Your Time

Pass admin work, social media, supply stocking, and cleaning off to your new hire. Remember your new hire can be a VA, assistant or stylist! This creates  more time and energy for you to focus on providing amazing services, marketing yourself, and developing the vision for your salon.

Offer More Flexibility

Covering for sick days and vacations on your own can be challenging. With an employee, you can more easily accommodate last-minute client requests. And you’ll have support during your own time off.

    Level Up Your Skills

    Teaching and managing will build your leadership abilities. You’ll sharpen your communication and systems creation skills. Consider it valuable professional development. This is the first step to scale your business.

    Improve Client Experience

    With greater flexibility in the schedule and your increased focus, you can provide clients with a better overall experience. This leads to more five-star reviews and referrals.

    Plan for the Future

    Hiring a helper allows you to test out and refine your management process. You’ll be better prepared for future growth whether that means opening another location or bringing on more staff.


    While finding the right person takes effort, know that the benefits are significant and can rapidly move your business forward. With preparation and an open mindset, you can leverage hiring help into salon success.

    Believe me I know, I didn’t always get it right but I kept at it. Five years after hiring my first VA and 8 years after training my first employee/apprentice, I am a retired salon owner, who helped 12 other people create the life of their dreams and I want to help you do the same!!

    💜 Chrystal L.