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Help us to revolutionize the beauty industry for a more inclusive world.

Every human deserves to feel safe in the space that he or she or they occupy.

The Beauty Collective is not just another 12-month coaching program. Yes, you’ll learn about building your beauty business through financials and marketing and systems. But it’s much bigger than that.

This is a movement of beauty professionals working together to discuss the topics in our industry that will result in change. Help us to cultivate more inclusive leaders, more diverse salon offerings, and a world of judgement-free spaces.

When you join The Beauty Collective, you’re joining a revolution. 

    👉🏻 Systemically change an industry that affects everyone, regardless of skin tone.

    👉🏿 Get actionable steps to properly implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in your beauty space to support a more diverse clientele.

    👉 Understand the necessary techniques to cut and color all textures of hair so you can confidently help anyone who sits in your chair.

    👉🏽 Make every client feel welcomed.

    👉🏻 Learn more about anti-racism, so you’re informed, relevant, and not inadvertently offending anyone. 

I honestly want to change our beauty industry into a more inclusive space and I want YOUR help.

I want every guest to feel welcomed and every stylist to feel equipped to build the life of their dreams by having the skills and understanding of all hair textures. I knew I was on the right path when I talked to other stylists like Hunter.


Hunter Donia, Balayage Specialist and Hair Educator

There are no other hairstylist programs providing a complete understanding of DEI steps AND training.

Our industry desperately needs a makeover—a revolution of inclusion.

But it’s no easy task to find quality DEI programs focused on the beauty industry. 

On its own, DEI training is typically an investment ranging anywhere from $5,000-$10,000. To consult with subject matter experts is easily in the 3- or 4-figure range. Add coaching and business strategy to that, and you can add on thousands more per year.

Like everything we do, The Beauty Collective is accessible. For a monthly payment that’s less than the price of a curling iron, you’ll receive a quality education in DEI and all of the support you need to become an inclusive and profitable leader in the beauty business.  

The Beauty Collective is our industry’s first and only DEI program.

My name is Chrystal, and I’m on a mission to transform the beauty industry into a more inclusive space. But I can’t do it alone.

I’m here to teach you how to #diversifytomultiply your business. (It’s a win-win for you, me, and the world.)

I had completely different concepts about what my contribution would be to the beauty industry but after George Floyd was murdered the conversation around racism led me to launch The Beauty Collective.

Since the program launched, it has continued to evolve. In the beginning, the focus was on business-building. But it has grown to include awareness-building. After all, the more hearts and minds we can open up to more inclusive practices, the faster we’ll see the world we all deserve.

We are cultivating slayers for change and, together, we are making a difference.

Scaling your business might feel impossible. Learning how to work with all types of hair also might feel impossible. But both of those things are teachable.  

If scaling your business feels impossible, there’s actually an easier, more supportive way to scale with simplicity. 

I launched The Beauty Collective to make it easier to:

Become a beauty ambassador for inclusivity in your community. (Be the change you want to see!)

Learn the best way to slay your business systems to keep you profitable, productive, and happy! Whether you’re a salon owner, booth renter, suite owner, or commissioned stylist.

Hone in on a hair specialty and scale that expertise with a variety of clients to create a comfortable experience for guests with curly or straight textured hair.

I’ve worked as a DEIB Ambassador for these organizations:

I'm certified in DEI from the following universities:

Here’s how it works… 

In The Beauty Collective, like-minded beauty professionals meet on a regular basis to discuss all of the topics and questions you've been dying to ask someone who’s “been there, done that.”

You won't have to worry about feeling stupid or scared that others will take offence. This is a safe and inclusive learning environment.  

The topics we'll cover each month will fall within one of the 4 CORE PILLARS:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

👉 DEI training that covers all three phases of DEI, including journaling, interactive group discussions, and self-reflection

👉🏻 Understanding and managing unconscious bias

👉🏾 Inclusive Hiring & Leadership and Creating an inclusive culture

👉🏿 Learning key diversity categories and discovering how to implement DEI practices for yourself and your team.

Financial Foundations

👉 Inclusive Price Points method
👉🏻 Be financially savvy as a Booth Renter or Independent Stylist

👉🏾 Be financially savvy as a Commissioned Salon Stylist

All Hair Cutting & Color Techniques

For each cut, you’ll learn how to apply this style based on the client’s hair texture. Guest hair educators will come in to share their specific insight. You’ll also learn how to apply a color technique based on hair texture.

👉 Pixie

👉🏻 Bob or shoulder-length

👉🏽 Long layers
👉🏿 All-over color

👉 Highlights

👉🏻 Balayage

Marketing & Social Media Strategies

Learn how to use Social Media effectively in your business to build your brand and bring awareness to your business.

👉Re-Imagine your Dream Client

👉🏻Connecting with your Dream Client

👉🏾 Power of Networking & Styled Shoots

👉🏿 Plan 12 Weeks of Content in 1 Day

When you join The Beauty Collective you’ll get access to:

✔️ Learn how to use Social Media effectively in your business to build your brand and bring awareness to your business.

✔️ A monthly 90-minute live training each month with me and other industry experts

✔️ Live Group Q&A on that month’s topic

✔️ Exciting guest speakers for topics such as: extensions on all textures; the ultimate guest experience; financial planning for the future; a deep dive into becoming an independent educator; and of course, how to slay your social media.

✔️ BONUS Over 10K in actionable resources

for a limited time only, get access to thIS amazing bonus

In honor of the founding launch of The Beauty Collective, I want to give you every tool I have in my vault to ensure you not only have success with this program and build the life of your dreams, while making a ton of money with it, too.

Joy Driven branding course

Available for those who enroll by MIDNIGHT on June 19! This course from Hair Love founder Elizabeth Faye will teach you everything you need to know to build the brand of your dreams.

You'll discover how to define your WHY, how to niche down to identify your target audience, and get access to a complete library of design assets!  

($500 value)

90-minute 1:1 Coaching CAll

The first 5 people to join The Beauty Collective will receive a free 90-minute 1:1 Coaching Call with me.
Together we’ll dive deeper into your specific business questions and I can guide you on which steps will make the biggest impact on your career, mindset, and personal development.

($450 value)

Joy Driven branding course

Available for those who enroll by MIDNIGHT on June 19! This course from Hair Love founder Elizabeth Faye will teach you everything you need to know to build the brand of your dreams.

You'll discover how to define your WHY, how to niche down to identify your target audience, and get access to a complete library of design assets!  

($500 value)


Joy Driven Branding (Valued at $500)







There is no other hairstylist program on the market providing a more complete understanding of DEI steps AND foundational business training.

The Investment

One-Time Payment


Pay-in-full gets you access to the 12 Weeks of Social Media Workshop training ($199 value)

Monthly Plan


You will be billed $97 per month for six months.


Elizabeth Faye

Coach / Hair Love University

Chrystal is the best of the best at what she does. Her Mission and her message is to help revolutionize the beauty industry to make it a place where everyone feels like they belong and she does this through educating people on what it means to be truly inclusive and how to unlearn and continue to make themselves better and have a greater understanding so they can be a part of the change our future needs by making their businesses safe places, their homes and their hearts safe places where people feel like they belong. She's professional, she's an incredible facilitator, she puts her whole heart into everything she does. She's a true community builder believes in building people up, and she walks the walk, she talks the talk and she's the real deal. She's a queen!  

I would recommend you to any salon, on any stage anyone to buy your course or programs. 10 out of 10 recommend. Working with you is a must. Every stylist, everyone, every owner should have Chrystal and be a part of what you're creating so they can be a part of it together.

Misty Jayne

Money Coach for Hairstylists

As an independent stylist and a money coach in the beauty industry I wanted to ensure I have created a welcoming space for everyone (in person as well as virtually) Having a non-bias approach is important to me especially when it comes to helping people with their relationship with money. I want those who seek me out for my services to feel safe, seen and heard no matter what.

If having an inclusive and diverse business is important to you JUST SIGN UP! I thought I knew how to make people truly feel safe but this opened my eyes to things I wouldn't even have thought of or noticed.  Be ready to open your current mind and get uncomfortable in the best kind of way. The future of the industry and the world will thank you for it. 


As part of becoming certified in DEI training, we will review educational AND implementation topics such as:

- Understanding and managing unconscious bias
- Inclusive Hiring & Leadership and Creating an inclusive culture
- Key diversity categories and related topics
- How to implement DEI practices for yourself and your team
- How to establish yourself as a DEI ambassador within your community 

This program is for you if you're a:

Make-up artist or hairstylist who has honed in on a specialty (colorist, educator, texture) and wants to scale this expertise by working with a variety of clients;

Beauty pro who wants to create a welcoming client experience for guests with curly textured hair. You’re dedicated to helping your clients feel confident about themselves;

If you're new in the industry, you'll discover the right way to set up your business systems; or

If you’re an industry expert, you’ll be able to expand your portfolio and become a community beauty ambassador for inclusivity. 

This will be the only time The Beauty Collective is available to join in 2022. And it will be the last time it’s offered at the low price - a total steal!

All payments are non-refundable and you are committing to a 12-month program. You will have access to all the content as long as you are a paying member. Think of this like a gym membership. You have access to the tools and trainers when you pay.

The Beauty Collective is so much more than a course - it’s an interactive program that fosters community and inspires you to make systemic change.

Have another question we didn’t answer here?

Email allhairacademy@gmail.com with your question or DM me on Instagram @allhairacademy

If you know that The Beauty Collective is right for you, then join our waitlist to be notified when doors open in September 2022!


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